Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Very Hot Day

It was a very hot day in our part of Australia today! The forecast was for 42 degrees celcius (107f), but we'll have to watch the News tonight to see what it got to. We made sure we drank lots and lots of water. We wished we were in the Northern Hemisphere where it is snowing!

We've done lots and lots of writing today! First thing this morning, in Daily Writing, the topic that we picked out of our writing ideas box, was a picture of a pot of gold. This was an exciting subject to write about! Here is Meg's story:

A Pot of Gold
One day, I saw a rainbow and I followed it and I found a pot of gold. We were really rich! We got a lot of stuff and we didn't waste any money and we really thought about it. We had a lot of fun, but a leprechaun jumped out and said "This is all my gold!"
By Meg

Our other writing activity today was starting the planning stage of our photo stories. The other day, we walked around our school, looking for places we'd like to include in our stories. Today, we drew them on our planning sheet. Some of us had time to start our draft stories too. Here are Ella, Alex and Joel's photo plans.

In Maths, we learned about halves. We noticed that sometimes we need to really study the shape to work out what the fairest and best way to halve something is.

We answered some more questions from our Kentucky friends, about our lunches. We also asked them some questions!  We wanted to know what is in a quesadilla and we asked about corn dogs. We're going to be sending them some Vegemite. They are going to send us something to try too!

Love from The Smarties & Mrs N


  1. Am writing to you all to say just how much I enjoy reading about the different projects you are doing in school. I can now see why you are called the smarties as you are all a bright bunch of students keep up the great work yours sincerely AA

  2. Dear Smarties,
    Hello from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am a teacher and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with all the wonderful work you have been doing in class! I am also very jealous of your weather! It is MUCH colder here!

  3. I love your photo story planning sheet AND your story about the rainbow.
    We've been having really hot weather in Bangkok. It's not as hot as for you though! Have a look at our school weather station here
    Please visit our blog. My class has children aged 7 and 8 year
    Mr Ben