Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of the Year

Well, the end of the school year arrived more quickly than I expected! We've now been on school holidays for a few weeks and have officially finished Year 2. The class is looking forward to being taught by Miss S next year.

I have a new job in a different school for next year. I'll be teaching Year 3/4 but won't be too far away, so I'll be back to visit. I'll be continuing this blog next year with my new class, and they'll be the Year 3/4 Smarties! I know they're very excited about the chance to learn about blogging and I can't wait to show them!

Not only have I got a new school and a new class, but I also have a new name. I am now Mrs G. 

Check back on February 1st for the first post from my new class.

Love from Mrs G (also known as Mrs N!)