Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Today, Mrs N read Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French.We liked it a lot. Ms French based the story on a wombat who lives in her garden. Charlee liked the part when the wombat was digging a hole in the garden bed. Kyle thought it was funny when she ate a hole through the door in her search for carrots. Taj liked it when she made lots of noise with a metal rubbish bin to let the humans know that she wanted something to eat. Indi loved it at the end when the wombat decided that "humans are easily trained and made quite good pets!"

After lunch, we did one of our favourite things: we made a mess! It was art-time! This week, we got to use collage materials to make any sort of minibeast we wanted to, using a cardboard tube as a base. Our creations are going to play the starring roles in the photo stories we're going to be making soon. They turned out fantastically well and it was great fun being creative and working out how to attach antennae and legs and other insect parts!

We've almost finished our monster designs for our Monster Exchange. Designing them is the easy part. Next week, we're going to have to write really clear descriptions so that our Michigan friends can re-create them. Some of our designs are very complex and might be difficult to describe. It'll be quite a challenge!

Mrs L was in the classroom helping out this afternoon. We showed her some of the things on our blog and in our wikis. She thought we were very clever.

Mrs N got an email from Ms D, who is the teacher of our Lunch Exchange friends. They weren't at school yesterday as it was President's Day and they might not be at school tomorrow because of snow! Did you know that in some places, when it snows too much, they don't have to go to school! Ms D assured Mrs N that as soon as they get back to school, they'll catch up with their lunch pictures and descriptions. We hope they're having fun in the snow and not getting too cold!

Love from The Smarties


  1. Well Done Smarties for all your hard work!!! So proud of you, love Charlee-Shays mum xxoo

  2. To Charlee,
    My little princess!! I Love your class blog, its so interesting to see the work your class is doing. Excellent work!
    Love Tamara xxx

  3. Dear Charlee,
    I love your pom poms, and the one you did at home. Great Work!!!
    Love you,
    Mum xx

  4. To Charlee,
    Well done on your report, keep up the good work gorgeous!!
    Love Nanni xx