Monday, February 22, 2010

The Smarties Reporters!

Today marked the start of our next lunch project, this time with Venezuela! We looked on the map to find out where it is. We saw that it's in South America and we also found out that they speak Spanish there. Last week, we learned that the things children eat in America are a little different to ours. We wonder how different the foods our friends in Venezuela eat will be. Keep an eye on our wiki to find out what we learn!

Now that we've been writing blog posts as a whole class activity for a few weeks, we decided that we were ready to start writing them ourselves sometimes. Our class reporters today are Alex, Indi and Kiara. Here are their recounts of what we did in Year 2 today.

Today we did some dancing and we did some Maths. We did Lunch Exchange with Venezuela and we did some Monster Exchange. We played outside and we had news and a skeleton listening activity.
By Alex

Today we did our Maths and it was with Mrs N. We did our Mental Maths with Mrs N and we did our Monsters. We did lunch exchange with Venezuela. We did our spelled words with Mrs N. We did our dancing. We played outside.
By Kiara

Today was a SUPER hard day. First, we unpacked our homework folders, then we started our HARD work, Our work was describing our monsters that we drew. My description was 3 pages long! Because we worked so hard, we got to dance to Alvin and the Chipmunks. Then, we went out to play, then came back and did Mental Maths. We wrote what we think we should write on the blog. We did silent reading, then we went home.
By Indi

Two of today's reporters - Alex and Indi

Love from The Smarties

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  1. Dear Smarties,

    Thanks so much for the great idea about the Lunch Box project. Very clever! I'll be interested to see what kids eat in Venezuela!

    To Alex, Kiara, and Indi, I really like the reporting you did for your class. It sounds like it was HARD at times to work, but you made it through! Working hard helps make you stronger, and that is true for our brains, too!

    Keep up the great work!

    I added your blog to our blogroll so we can keep track of your learning and reporting!

    Mrs. Yollis