Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sport and Minibeasts

It was extra fun in Year 2 today. We had sport with Mrs G and we got to practise climbing, balancing, swinging and sliding on the playground obstacle course. Minnesota climbed the blue ladder, which she had never tried to do before. Well done Minn!

This morning, we watched a YouTube video (see below) about interesting and beautiful bugs. Then, we went on a nature walk around the school to collect leaves, twigs, flowers and bark to make minibeast pictures. Mrs N is going to put photos of our artwork up tonight, so come back and check later on!

Mrs N has made a wall for us to post notes about what we'd like to learn about minibeasts. It can be found at  We need to think about it and put an idea there on the weekend.

Love from the Smarties


  1. Yay Minn!! Well done for climbing the blue ladder.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's artwork.

    Mr & Mrs B

  2. I love your blog, Smarties. I have heard about wallwisher but really think it is great how you are using it to write about what you want to learn. Super!
    Mrs. Lynch