Tuesday, February 2, 2010

School is Cool!

Wow, we were all SO excited this morning when we got to school and saw that so many people had been looking at our blog. We even had hits from America, Melbourne and Brisbane! Thankyou very much to the people who left comments for us to read.

Well, today in Year 2 has been another busy, busy day. In daily writing, we had to write a story about something smelly!After recess, we went to our first Library lesson for the year. Mr B showed us how to use browsing sticks to choose a book to borrow. After that, we had singing with the whole school.

Mrs N thinks we've all been very well behaved and we've earned lots of group points. We have 4 marbles in our jar already. When it's full, we get to choose a class reward.

We did some online jigsaw puzzles so that we could practise moving objects around on the Smartboard. It was fun! Some people also started writing in our writing blog. There are photos of Isaac and Kelsi below.

We're looking forward to having Mrs M teaching us tomorrow.

Love from the Smarties.


  1. Dear Smarties,
    It's Meg and Libbie,
    and we think your blog is really cool!
    We showed Mum and Dad and they are really exited!

    Have fun at school year twos, Love Meg!

  2. Dear Smarties,
    It's very late! I showed my family our blog and they loved it. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your day.
    Guess who! Yes you guessed! Jack.

  3. Ms. Dauteuil's classFebruary 6, 2010 at 4:50 AM

    We are a third grade class in Kentucky (United States) and we loved looking at the blog! We were even inspired to set up our own. We will share soon!

  4. I like your blog
    from sam of the 2mgems

  5. that looks fun kelsi playing puzzles on the smart board

    form Mitchell, ella and stevie

  6. that look realy fun

  7. Isaac, Looks like you are having fun and school is never boring. Keep up your good work. Grandma Singapore