Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday in Year 2

Today we started our first Lunch Exchange project. Jake, Alex, Meg and Kiara wrote detailed descriptions of their lunches and we've put photos of them on our Kentucky Lunch Exchange wiki. We think it's really awesome that we're getting to learn about what children in America like to eat. We think some of their foods will be the same as ours, but some of them will be different. We'll find out when they put descriptions and photos of their lunches on the wiki for us to look at!

Another very exciting project we're working on in the next few weeks, is our Monster Exchange with a school in Detroit, in America. We started it today. We'll be writing more about it soon!

We were very lucky this morning, when Mrs P came into our classroom to talk to us about Aboriginal people. She showed us a really huge map of Australia that showed where all the tribes, or mobs, live. We learned that there are 260 languages that Aborigines speak in Australia. We also learned that they call the land "Mother Earth" because it looks after us and gives us food. It was very interesting and we asked a LOT of great questions.

To help get our brains switched on and our bodies warmed up, we danced to "Shake your Groove Thing" by Alvin and the Chipmunks. We watched and listened to YouTube. It was fun and we want to do it again tomorrow.

To practise our typing, we used paper keyboards! They look just like our real keyboards, except that they're flat and don't actually work. We are going to use them to practise finding letters and punctuation to make our typing faster.

Mrs N is happy to be able to teach us ALL week this week!

Jake and Alex working hard on descriptions of their lunches.

Minnesota, Noah, Tia and Joshua practising their typing.
Love from The Smarties


  1. A great big Shout out to the Smarties from the IST Grade 2 Kung Fu Praying Mantids!

    Thanks for the comment on our Current Events posting. We enjoy learning about the world by reading newspapers and Internet news sources. It is fun for us to share what we find and learn from each other.

    It looks like the Smarties have tons of fun at school. We look forward to seeing your Monster Projects. You can see our projects here:

    We have added you to our Global Friends blogroll. We will visit you often to see what you are up to in Western Australia. We invite you to visit us too.

    Mr. McKillip and IST G2

  2. Dear The Smarties,

    What a great idea to compare lunches from different countries! We'll try to share our lunch description in our blog.

    All the best,
    Your Russian friends

  3. We are Kaipara Flats School Room 2 in New Zealand. Thank you for that Alvin and the Chipmunks song. We like your classroom. Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog as well.

  4. Dear Smarties,
    What a fantastic blog! It sounds like you have two very enthusiastic teachers and are doing some great things.
    My name is Miss McGeady and I teach a Grade 2 class in Geelong, Victoria. Thank you for your comment on our blog. I will add you to "Blogs we Like" so the students of 2KM can keep checking your blog.
    I loved your idea about the lunch box exchange! I hope you don't mind but I suggested the idea to a class that we are buddies with in America.
    Keep up your excellent work!
    From Miss McGeady.

  5. Dear Jack & Smarties
    I like what you are learning in Class. To learn about different cultures is so exciting. So to all the Smarties and Mrs N & Mrs M Keep up the Good Work.
    From Jacks Dad

  6. dear smarties my sister went home sick I havn't seen her spew yet if she did spew I woudn't be righting this I woud be cleaning it seeya

    by Jack

  7. dear alex,
    i really like your blog,it's really fun to look really do a lot of fun things don't you.

    from olivia

  8. hi smarties its Alex!! its friday tomoorow i wish it always was see ya tomoorow