Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hat for Haiti Day

 Hope the wind doesn't change!
Our day was very eventful, with many exciting things happening. Today, we were all allowed to wear any hat we wanted to school, if we brought in a gold-coin donation to help the people of Haiti.Our class raised over $20 which will help buy medicine or school supplies for children. It was fun wearing hats in our classroom!

We were lucky enough to have a Sprint Car come to our school and a man spoke to us about it. He taught us that wearing seatbelts is very important, if we want to stay safe in our cars. He also wanted to tell us that bullying is NEVER allowed in our school. We are all a team and even when we are competitive in sports or games, we need to remember to be kind to each other. We had our photo taken with the car.

We had a MOST exciting afternoon! Mrs N took us to the library so we could use the laptops and we played this really, really, really fun Maths game called Tutpup. It was so much fun. We each had a special log in name and we got to play maths games against children from all over the world! Some of the countries we played against were China, Belgium, The Phillipines, Greece and India. It was interesting seeing the flags of all the different countries and to think about the children sitting in other places in the world, doing Maths with us!
Tia, Caitlin and Kelsi having a brain-break from Tutpup
Mr B helping us out
Our Thinking Hats question today was "What if there were no adults?" We thought of lots of interesting things. Overall, we decided that even though it might be nice to sometimes not have adults around, they're actually pretty useful and we should probably keep them.

We completed our Snow Survey today. We added up all the information we collected from the classes yesterday and made one giant pictograph showing the results for the whole school. We had to cut out a lot of snowmen! We did make it a bit easier though. We decided to make one snowman represent 2 children. We had to cut one snowman in half, to make it mean only one child. If we hadn't done it like that, we probably wouldn't have fitted all our data on one poster!
Tia and Taj with our Snow pictograph
Phew, we're all exhausted!

Love from The Smarties

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    First of all, I love the post you made! It tells so much of what you did! Nice post!