Friday, February 19, 2010

It's the Weekend!

This morning, we had school assembly. Two of The Smarties were called up to the front for very good reasons! Minnesota received an award from Mrs Mt for her fantastic achievements in sports lessons. She has been trying extra hard and doing things she had trouble with before! We're all very proud of you Minn. Noah was called up so he could receive a Student Councilor badge. He is our Year 2 representative for first semester on the school council. Well done Noah! You'll be a great leader.

This afternoon, we completely finished off our monster drawings. They look fantastic and are very detailed. Next week, we'll be working hard on the descriptions, then posting them on our wiki for our Michigan friends to look at.

Our Kentucky Lunch friends asked us a lot of very intriguing questions on our wiki (in the Monday and Tuesday discussion tabs). They asked what verandahs, cheezels, polony, Vegemite and muesli bars are. We didn't realise that they wouldn't know what those things were! We answered their questions and asked some of our own. We also discovered that they don't have spearmint milk, but they have blueberry milk instead! We're not sure if we'd like the taste of that or not!

We were excited today to get some mail, but not on the internet, as usual. We received some postcards from Mrs M, who is away this week. They both had dolphins on the front and one of them had some facts about dolphins on it. It was very interesting. We're looking forward to Mrs M being back next week to teach us.

Next week, we're going to be starting our photo stories about the minibeasts we made this week. We went for a walk around the school, looking for suitable places to take the photos. We have some great ideas already about what we're going to write about.

We're happy it's the weekend because there are some exciting things that some of The Smarties will be doing. Some of us are going camping, or to the movies, or to the logchop, or to our grandparents' houses.

See you all next week!

Love from The Smarties


  1. Dear Minnesota and Noah,

    Congratulations! Keep it up!!!

    Lyudmila and class,

  2. Dear Smarties,

    I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! It sounded like a lot of you had some great things planned. I had a very nice weekend and visited the Melbourne Zoo.

    I loved your Lunch Box idea so much that I am starting a similar project with my class's blogging buddies in California. You can read about it on our blog here I made sure to let everyone know where the idea came from!

    Have a wonderful week of school,
    From Miss McGeady
    Leopold, Victoria.