Monday, September 6, 2010

Twenty Thousand!

We reached an amazing milestone last night! We have had 20 000 hits on our blog since we started it in February. It's very exciting to know that people like to read about us! Our principal said we can have a pizza party on Friday to celebrate. Yippee!!

Our Daily Writing topic today was a tricky one. We had to make up a story about a monkey and a pancake. We really let our imaginations run wild and came up with some fabulous stories! Mrs N let a few people use a drawing app on her iPad to illustrate our writing.

Once upon a time, there was a very hungry monkey. When he looked up, he saw a big pancake. He tried to gobble it, but it was too big, so he didn't gobble it. He got Rhino the Rhinoceros and Elo the Elephant to flatten it. So, they did, but they were very hungry too, so they ate it! The monkey cried, "They are mean. They didn't share." He said, "I will catch you." They ran away so the monkey stayed mean and he ate the bananas and coconuts with nuts.
By Isaac

Once upon a time, there was a magic pancake. It was looking for a friend to play with. He found a lion, but he did not want a friend. He wanted to be king of the world. He found a snake, but the snake did not want to be friends with a pancake! The snake said to the lion, "How silly is that!" At the end, the pancake found a monkey. The monkey did not have a friend, so the monkey said, "I will be your friend." "The monkey has a good heart," said the pancake softly. They played happily.
By Raquel

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy monkey and he went on a picnic. He brought four pancakes. On his way, he fell in love with a pretty girl and he gave her two pancakes. When he gave her two pancakes, she fell in love with him and they lived happily every after.
By Tia

We are continuing to learn all about water. Today, we watched an episode of The Magic Schoolbus which taught us about the water cycle. Miss Frizzle and her students turned into water! In one part, they were water that was evaporating, then they were water droplets creating clouds and then they were rain falling back to Earth. What a shame we don't have a magic schoolbus at our school!

We made a GIANT poster of the water cycle too. We can see how rain flows into rivers and then into the sea. The sun evaporates the water in the ocean, which then forms clouds. The clouds give us rain and the cycle starts all over again!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Dear Smarties,

    Congratulations I am not surprised at all!

    I ♥ visiting your blog and seeing what you are all up to!

    Keep up the fabulous work!

    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Hi year 2 and Mrs N congratulations on 20000 hits year 2, did you have a celebration? I am missing you all hope you are all well and being really naughty oops good for Mrs N
    I will be checking in on you
    love Mrs lee

  3. Congrats Smarties!

    I hope you have a wonderful pizza party. What a great way to celebrate your achievement!

    We love the Magic School Bus series too. Have you ever seen the website ?

    Mrs. Levy

  4. Hey! smarties wats up
    aw blogs so cool! aspeshaly with thephotos of me

    see ya soon Megiee! &heart;