Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Walter's Surprise Adventure

Indi with the iPad
What an action-packed couple of days we've had!

We played a water cycle game on the Smartboard. It was a good way to help us remember how water moves around and around all the time.

As a shared writing activity, our class wrote a story about Walter. He's a drop of water that has an adventure moving around the water cycle. We needed to think about each stage of the cycle and how Walter might have been feeling at the time. Some of us got to use Mrs N's iPad to illustrate each part of the story. We hope you like it!

Music class with Mrs L was tons of fun today! We made balloon bassoons. You can make them with a cardboard tube, two elastic bands, a balloon and a small piece of hose. They make a lot of noise!

Friday is our pizza party and we can't wait! We needed to decide what sort of pizzas we should order. This was a great Maths activity for us, because we've been learning about fractions. Each pizza has 8 slices and we're getting ¼ of a pizza each, which is 2 slices. Mrs N gave us two slices of paper pizza, which we decorated to look like the type of pizza we want to eat. Our paper slices got glued onto paper bases and we discovered that our class wants 2½ Hawaiian, 1½ pepperoni, 58 of a ham and cheese pizza,
38 cheese pizza and ¼ of a BBQ meatlovers pizza. Of course, we can't order just a few slices, so we decided to order 3 Hawaiian, 2 pepperoni, 1 ham and cheese and 1 BBQ meatlovers. That will keep everyone happy!
Our paper pizzas!
We are certain to enjoy our pizza and it is unlikely any of us will be hungry afterwards! "Certain" and "unlikely" are words that can be used to describe the chance of something happening. We wrote some sentences using the language of chance.

It is likely that I will go riding on my bike. (Allia)
I'm likely to go to the shops. (Matthew)
It is likely that I will ride my bike today. (Jake)

It is probably going to rain today. (Caitlin)
I will probably watch TV tonight. (Jake)
I will probably have Chooks this week. (Joshua)

I might go to the shop today. (Allia)
I might have some ice-cream today. (Jake)
I might go to the post office. (Kiara)

It is unlikely that I will walk home today. (Lachlan)
It is unlikely that I will want to play with my Wii today. (Taj)
It is unlikely that I will lose my good-behaviour counters. (Joel)

I am certain my mum will pick me up today. (Taj)
I am certain that I'm going to bed at 8.30. (Meg)
It is certain that I will get a chocolate. (Joel)

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. We, a Grade 5 class in South Africa, think that the viseo you posted was completelyn adorable!!

    Thank you for showing us how to make a musical instrument. We have just made instruments too.
    Our teacher will post photos soon.