Friday, September 10, 2010

Pizza Party

Today was the day! We arrived at school excited and ready to celebrate our 20 000 blog hits, but we had to get some work done before we could enjoy of pizza and movie.

There was a school assembly this morning. The Grade One class sang some songs and did some dances. It was great! Mrs N is very proud that our class won the Good Manners award this week. The teachers decided that The Smarties were the most polite all week. Fantastic! We earned ten marbles in the jar for that! Ella was this week's recipient of a Merit Award for the initiative she shows in our classroom. If she notices something needs doing, she does it! This really helps Mrs N to keep our class organised.

Charlee and Ella
It's Friday, so we did our spelling and times tables tests. Some of us have been practising very hard during the week to get good marks in our tests. A big congratulations to the following Smarties who got extra special results and were able to choose a prize:

100% in 5 times tables: Alex, Catherine and Indi
Just one wrong!: Ella and Kyle 

100% in spelling: Alex and Noah
Just one wrong!: Caitlin, Ella, Indi, Jack, Minnesota and Raquel

A HUGE well done to Alex, who got 100% for both tests!

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Finally, it was time for our party! Mrs N has never seen pizzas disappear so fast. She didn't even have a chance to take any pictures! Trust us though, we enjoyed it a LOT! Our pizza graphing activity the other day worked great. Everybody got the two slices of pizza they wanted! 

Love from Mrs N and The Smarties

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  1. Congratulations on 20,000 blog hits! What a great way to spend a Friday afternoon!