Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Catherine, Isaac and Joshua with their winning tower
Meg, Kate & Raquel
It was the second day of our marshmallow challenge and we had some success! Catherine, Isaac and Joshua made a 32 centimetre tower. While they were the only group to have a completed tower at the end of the 20 minutes, a number of other groups were almost there! We're learning that a triangle or tripod shape is nice and strong and will support the weight of the marshmallow. We'll try again tomorrow!

Our art project today was actually all about Maths. We learned about tessellating shapes. These are shapes that fit together perfectly, with no gaps and nothing overlapping. Floor tiles are an example of this. Shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles are usually used for tessellating, but this is too simple for The Smarties! We wanted a challenge, so we designed our own shapes to use!

First, we took a rectangular piece of card and drew a shape on two of its sides. We cut them out and then taped them to the opposite sides. Then, we simply traced around our shape over and over. We could decorate them using two patterns. They're not all finished yet, so we'll post pictures of them tomorrow, but here's a sneak peek at Alex's.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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