Monday, September 13, 2010

Evaporation and Condensation in Action!

We've been learning all about water this term. Indi brought in a photo that her mum took at home. If you look very carefully, you can see water evaporating and condensing as the shirt is drying (click on the photo to make it bigger). What a great picture! It helps us to see how clouds are formed during the water cycle. Thanks Indi and her mum!

Indi's evaporation and condensation photo from home
Daily Writing today was an exciting topic. Our writing starter was "If I were invisible..." Boy, our imaginations could really run wild with this topic! Joel, Ella and Jake got to use Mrs N's iPad to illustrate their writing.

If I were invisible, I would be rich because I would be famous. I would buy a cherry red Ferrari. Nobody would see me while I was driving.
By Joel

One day, I was in a museum. Somehow, I turned invisible. My mum was looking for me. She kept going past me. I kept yelling, "I'm here!" but she went home looking for me. I couldn't go to school because nobody would see me. The next day I tried to fly, but it was too hard. When I went back to the museum,I turned back to me again.
By Ella

If I were invisible, I'd scare people. I'd get ice-cream for lunch without Mum seeing. I'd be able to fly and I'd be able to get wet in the rain without Mum getting me out of the rain.
By Jake

Mrs N has a really great app on her iPad called Puppet Pals. Taj. Charlee and Kelsi used it to make up a story today. They each picked a character, then a background and told a story. They could move their characters around while they were talking. Everyone is going to get a chance to make one tomorrow. We started our planning today, in small groups, and tomorrow we'll finish the dialogue and then record our digital stories.

Our grammar topic today was apostrophes. There are many different times we need to use apostrophes and today we were learning about using them to show ownership. If the topic of the sentence belongs to someone in the sentence, we need to put an apostrophe at the end of their name, before adding an "s". The exception is when the person's name already ends in "s". When this happens, we put an apostrophe after the "s" in their name, but don't add another one.
Joshua's pencil is red.
Meg's puppy is brown.
James' car is blue.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Hi Smarties
    We wish we could be in your class; you all have such a lot of fun ! Pizzas in school - yummo ! We really enjoyed Walter's water cycle adventure! Congratulations to Alex and to everyone who did so well on their tests !!! We'll be leaving Canada soon, going to Dubai and then home to Western Australia. Hooray !!
    Grandma and Nannie.