Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creative Kiddies

It was a beautiful day today! Here are some pictures of us enjoying the sun while we ate our lunch on the oval.

Rythme by Sonia Delaunay
Sonia Delaunay was a French artist. We looked at some of her work this week. We liked how she used circles of different sizes, as well as lots of bright colours in her paintings, so we created our own artworks, in her style. To make them, we traced circles of different sizes, drew one straight line and then coloured each area in with textas. We tried to use cool colours on one side and warm on the other. Mrs N laminated them and they're now our deskmats, so we can admire them all day! It was so much fun to do. Some of us even had time to make a second picture, because we loved it lots!

In groups, we told stories using an iPad app called Puppet Pals. In groups, we planned what our story would be about and then wrote a story plan. We could decide whether we wanted to write a script, or whether we wanted to ad lib (which means that we made up the words as we went along) from our plan. We did lots of practice in our groups, then took it in turns to record our stories. Here are some of them. The rest will be in tomorrow's post.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. I loved your stories, they were imaginative and funny! You read them clearly and with expression. I can't wait to see the rest.
    Miss Mac