Saturday, September 4, 2010


Wednesday was the first day of Spring. In Daily Writing, we wrote acrostic poems using the word "Spring", then made them into flower hangers. Don't they look great? They are helping to brighten up our classroom!

On Thursday, we were very happy to welcome some of the parents from the school into our classroom for the morning. We showed them some of the ways we use technology in our learning. They seemed to be very impressed with our skills and knowledge! We showed them things like Tutpup, Google Maps, Primary Pad, Tuxpaint, Wordles and our Writing Blog.
Friday was athletics carnival day. The whole school got on buses and went to the local oval. We sat with our factions and cheered on all our friends while they were racing. We did running races and team games and it was a LOT of fun! A big congratulations to Alex, Taj and Isaac, who were our class boy champions, as well as Ella, Kate and Tia who won medals for the girls. Mrs N was very impressed with the sportsmanship and friendship we showed towards everyone. We all did our best at everything we did!
Alex, Taj, Isaac, Tia, Kate and Ella with their medals

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Looking great, Smarties! I'm glad to hear you did so well at the carnival! Keep up the good work! I also enjoyed seeing you teach your parents about the things you do in class. What a great idea!

    Keep it up, Smarties! You rock!

    Mr. Fairbanks

  2. Dear Smarties,

    I love your spring time acrostic poems. They look beautiful!

    We are in our last weeks of summer here in California.

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Levy