Friday, September 17, 2010


We have lots of congratulations to make today! Ella received the merit certificate this week at assembly and Joshua received a special award from Mrs H, his piano teacher, for his fantastic skills. Well done to both of you!
Ella and Joshua
It was also spelling and times tables test day. It was our chance to show Mrs N how well we learned our words and our 10 times tables this week. Lots of us did brilliantly well! Anyone who got 100% in one of the tests, got to choose a prize. Here are this weeks' prize winners!

10 Times Tables
All correct: Alex, Allia, Caitlin, Catherine, Ella, Joshua, Kelsi, Kyle, 
Minnesota, Noah & Raquel
Just 1 wrong: Isaac, Matthew & Meg

All correct: Alex, Catherine, Charlee, Ella, Noah, Raquel & Taj
Just 1 wrong: Allia, Caitlin, kelsi, Kyle, Matthew & Meg

An extra special mention to Alex, Catherine, Ella, Noah and Raquel who each got 100% for both tests!

Mrs N is having troubling posting the rest of our Puppet Pals videos. She'll try again on the weekend.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Dear The Smarties,

    What a fantastic work!!! Congratulations! Keep it up!!

    Lyudmila and class

  2. Hi Noah and the rest of the smarties well done with the times tables and spelling

    Love mum and dad