Monday, September 20, 2010

Art Week

It's Art Week all week in our classroom! We LOVE doing art and Mrs N loves teaching it, so we decided to have a special week where we do art every single day! Today's activity was for a competition to celebrate World Teacher's Day. We had to choose a teacher from our school and draw him, or her. We studied each other's faces to learn about the shapes of eyes, noses and mouths and worked out how we could draw them well. Mrs N was so pleased with our efforts. She said we're as good at drawing portraits as the big kids are!

For Daily Writing, we wrote about our favourite art activity and an art activity we'd like to do. It was interesting thinking back to all the artwork we've done in the last few years at school and picking out the ones we liked the best.

My favourite art was painting the fish and drawing all the things on the computer. What I want to do is paint more stuff.
by Jake

My favourite art was abstract art by an artist called Delaunay that came from France. She used lots of circles in her art. I really want to make some paper animals stuffed with paper, any animal we want.
by Raquel

My favourite are was when we made pompoms. I would like to do some other art because it is fun. I want to do abstract art again.
by Ella

In Kindy, we did a painting of ourselves and our family. I want to learn about dinosaurs. I want to make a dinosaur and stuff newspaper in it.
by Joshua

My favourite art was making pompoms. We used different colours. Caitlin had the Dockers' colours and Tia had cool colours. I would really like to do a card that has a butterfly pop up.
by Kelsi

The Challenge Materials
After lunch, Mrs N gave us a challenge. We got ourselves into groups of 2 or 3 and each group was given:

1 marshmallow
20 pieces of raw spaghetti
1 metre of string and
1 metre of sticky tape. 

Our challenge was to build the tallest structure we could, with the marshmallow on top and we only had twenty minutes to do it. We thought it was going to be easy, but boy, were we wrong! Nobody could do it! Raquel, Charlee and Kate's group got close, but when they put the marshmallow on top, it fell over. The good news is that we are going to be doing this activity every day this week. Hopefully, we'll learn a little more each time and by Friday, we'll have towering marshmallow skyscrapers!

Hhmm, is Raquel onto something?
Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Dear Smarties,

    Beautiful portraits! Each one so well done!

    I like how you looked at the details of each face. That is so important!


    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Hi smarties
    its charlee I hope you all have a nice weekend I w
    will see you all on monday love from charlee