Friday, June 25, 2010


We want to have a bit of a brag! Today at assembly, our class did amazingly well. We got lots of awards and we're very proud of ourselves!

  • Kate was awarded "Worker of the Month" for her constant hard work during June. 
  • Joel received a merit certificate for his persistence while making pom-poms last week.
  • Taj graduated from the Reading Recovery programme.
  • Meg was elected as our student councillor for second semester.
  • The whole class won the "Good Manners Award" for being the class with the best manners this week.
To top it all off, we filled up our jar of marbles, which means that next week, we get to vote on a fun activity we'd like to do on Thursday. We already have lots of ideas and are really looking forward to it!

We would also like to say a very big thankyou to Noah, who was our student councilor for the first half of the year. He was a fantastic leader and represented our class very well.

Noah, Taj, Meg and Kate with all our awards!

 Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. What a fantastic effort smarties, well done.
    I'm sure you all celebrated at the disco tonight. There were quite a few groovy moves out there!!!!
    from Mrs J.

  2. Hi smarties, I saw a few of you at the disco on Friday night. I had lots of fun.
    from Bailey, Kyle's brother.

  3. Hey Smarties! What a fantastic assembly, well done year 2! Saw a few of you busting some moves & getting your groove on at the disco, ít was great fun. Unfortunately I didn't get to do much dancing because I was in the canteen selling 1,000 drinks, 10,000 lollies, 100,000 red licorices and 1,000,000 glow sticks! I was so tired afterwards. Hope you all had a great weekend. Love Mrs H.

  4. Hi smarties. Only one more week until the school holidays. I am hoping to go to the movies.
    bailey, Kyle's brother

  5. Hey there smarties! Only 5 more sleeps and it is school holidays! Woo-hoo!! Wish I still had school holidays. Love Mrs H.

  6. yo smarties
    I love aw blog its got relly fun games on nadoc week was relly good we got to do lots of cool things

    from meg

  7. Hi there Smarties,
    I have heard lots about your day today for Naidoc week. The face painting looked awesome. Were the kangaroo kebabs yum??
    From Mrs J

  8. I liked your face painting smarties, I wished I was there at school today.
    from Jared

  9. Well done smarties what a great effort you should be proud of yourselfs.
    From Mrs B

  10. Hi Smarties
    Its Kelsi's Dad here. Its great to see that so much Work is being done on this really cool Blog and the Games are Great too.

  11. Hi smarties our blog is cool I hope you are have fun love from charlee

  12. Hi Charlee and smarties
    its Charlees aunty here i wish we had this blog when i was back at school!Charlee never stops talking about her blog!Its great