Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Call the C.O.P.S.!

We need to call the cops to check our writing for mistakes! We don't mean policemen. We mean that we need to refer to our new poster. C.O.P.S. stands for all the things we need to remember so that our writing is easy to read and easy to understand. Our poster will help us remember (Mrs N hopes!).

C - Capitalise: Did we remember to put capital letters where we need them?
O - Overall appearance: Is our writing neat and tidy and have we left spaces between our words?
P - Punctuation: Have we put a fullstop, question mark or exclamation mark at the end of each sentence?
S - Spelling: Have we used our have-a-go pads and classroom resources to check our spelling?
Allia with our C.O.P.S. poster
On Thursday, we're having a fun day for filling up our marble jar. We had a class vote today and made a decision about what we'll be doing. Mrs Mt, our principal, is letting us have free dress and we'll be watching Alvin and the Chipmunks in the afternoon.We're getting popcorn and lemonade too! We're also allowed to bring in toys and games from home, so we can play them with our friends. It will be fun sharing our favourite toys with our friends and showing them how we play with them. The girls (and any boys who want to as well) are also going to have a pamper session! We're allowed to bring in nail polish to paint our toenails and Mrs N is going to bring in things for us to give each other mini-facials. It's going to be so much fun. We can't wait!

When we come back to school next term, we're going to have a brand new Smartie! His name is Lachlan and we can't wait to meet him! Today, for Daily Writing, we wrote him letters to tell him a little bit about us and our school. Mrs N is going to post them this afternoon. We hope he likes them! We also told him about our blog, so maybe he'll visit it and see this post. Hello Lachlan, if you're reading this!

The Smarties with our letters to Lachlan
Only 3 more days of school until the holidays. Yippee!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Hi Smarties,
    It's the last week of school and you guys have so much happening. Thursday sounds like a fun day, you have all worked so hard this term and should be very proud.
    I need to get the C.O.P.S to check my writing sometimes too.
    Mrs J

  2. Hi smarties
    I have 3 new people starting in my class, Skye, Milla, and Campbell. I can't wait to have some new friends too.
    from Bailey

  3. Hey Smarties! At first I thought Mrs N meant the real police had come to school to check your spelling! Using an 'acronym' is a great way to help you remember important details when you are writing stories or spelling. Even grown ups use acronyms for our work, first aid and lots of other things too. I hope you all have a fantastic time on Thursday, you have all worked hard to earn a special day. Well Done Smarties! Love Mrs H

  4. Hi Smarties,
    Wow this term has gone fast! Thursday sounds like it will be a terrific day! I love Alvin and the Chipmunks too..they Rock!
    Love Minn's Mum

  5. Hi Smarties
    For a couple of weeks we've been unable to get to your blogsite(don't know why???) and we've missed you. We really enjoyed the breakdancing, guys!! We also liked the C.O.P.S. idea. Have a great holiday, and welcome to Lachlan when he comes!
    Love from Alex' Nannie and Grandma in Canada