Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Proud of...

Hello Smarties!

Today, I've been learning about all sorts of things to do with using computers and technology in our classroom to help with your learning. I hope you were especially good for the relief teacher!

I've made a Wallwisher wall for you to post something you're proud of. Any post-its added will count as a comment for our blogging challenge, so get your families to write something they're proud of you for too! Make sure they include your name so I know who to give the point to.

To make a post, click on "Post a sticky", then double-click anywhere on the blue wall, type in your first name, type your message and click "ok". I need to check each message before it's posted, so they won't appear until I've done that.

The Smarties have many things to be proud of, so pick something and tell us about it!

Love from Mrs N


  1. Hi Year 2 Smarties! How cool is the wallwisher! Mrs N sure does know heaps about computers. I hope you are all enjoying your cross country training. Wow, that is a long long way to run!! I get worn out just watching! See you all soon. Love Mrs H (Alex's Mum)

  2. I like that wall wisher it is so so good. I am proud of myself.

    from Kyle.

  3. hi smarties
    it's kelsi's big brother have a nice night

    from big brother