Thursday, June 3, 2010

Marapana Wildlife Park

We could hardly contain our excitement when we got to school this morning! It was excursion day! We visited Marapana Wildlife Park and had a fantastic time! We saw SO many different types of animals and got to touch most of them. We each got a little bucket of food that we could feed to almost any animal.
Some of the animals we saw!
Here's a Glog with some of the pictures we took. You can click and hold each photo to make it bigger. Be sure to click on the audio and video links too!

A very big THANKYOU to the mums of Joel, Jack, Minnesota, Kiara, Jake, Matthew and Kate, who came along to help look after us. They were a huge help to Mrs N!

We saw a joey drinking from its mother's pouch, so when we got back to school, we researched kangaroos and their pouches. We watched this video, which shows how baby kangaroos are born. It's so interesting (and just a little bit gross, which is why we wanted to watch it over and over)!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. You are very clever and it looks like you learned lots and had fun at the same time, brilliant! I have seen a baby joey being born on tv before and couldn't believe how teeny tiny it was. I didn't watch your video because I know it is a little gross.

  2. hello smarties!!!
    It's Charlee-Shay here. We love our blog. It's so fun. see you at school tomorrow love from charlee-shay

  3. Dear Smarties
    What a cool blog. I have watched the whirlpool many times, it's cool. Love from Isaac

  4. Hi smarties
    I want to go to Marapana Wildlife Park again.I had heaps of fun and really want to see all the animals again.
    love from Minnie.

  5. Hi it's Ella it was fun at Marapana wildlife
    park when i showed my bother mithell the photos
    it make him want to go there too from ella

  6. G'day Smarties
    Marapana looks like a great place to visit, I must look it up when I am in Perth again.

  7. Hi I like this class and ha ha ha isaac you ar so funny

    from Jake b