Thursday, June 10, 2010

Want to know how to take a Bath?

Playing and learning can be messy business sometimes, which is why we are experts in knowing how to take baths. In Daily Writing,we decided to write instructions for taking a bath, so if you're feeling a little grubby, please read on for our expert advice!

1. Run the bath.
2. Get undressed.
3. Get in the bath.
4. Wash yourself.
5. Get out of the bath.
6. Get in your pyjamas
By Kiara

1. Run the bath.
2. Get undressed.
3. Get in the bath.
4. Get washed.
5. Get out of the bath.
6. Get your towel on.
7. Go to your room
8. Get your pyjamas on.
9. If you are cold, you can put on your dressing-gown.
By Catherine

1. Get undressed.
2. Start the tap.
3. Hop in the tub.
4. Get the soap and wash and scrub.
5. Play in the bath until dinner time.
6. Whinge to Mum and say you don't want to get out.
7. Get out.
8. Get your pyjamas on.
By Jack

1. First, take off your clothes.
2. Turn on the tap.
3. Put the bubbles in.
4. Get the soap and wash yourself.
5. Turn the tap off.
6. Put your clothes on.
By Jake

1. Turn on the tap.
2. Get undressed.
3. Get in the bath.
4. Get the soap and put it all over.
5. Get out of the bath.
6. Get your towel.
7. Get dry.
8. Get your pyjamas on.
By Caitlin

Not only are we fantastic bathers, we also have some other talents. Two of The Smarties are learning how to play guitar. They played for us today. Kate has been learning for two years and she played a song called Thunderstruck. Isaac has only been learning since the start of the year, but he is already really good (although, a little bit nervous)!

This afternoon, we had some construction and game time, as a reward for our hard work this week. We played some games on the Smartboard, created a beautiful garden with Interstars and constructed machinery with Struts. We worked very well together and shared and co-operated.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Hello raquel... Im cheyanne... your big sister. :) hahahahahaha im funny. Tah tah see you when you wake up :)

  2. Hi everyone,
    you are really good at playing music. Isaac you were very good and so were you Kate.

  3. Hello Kiara

    Thanks for telling me how to have a bath. I hope you got dry before getting into your pj's.

    Kiara's Mum

  4. Hello Kiara

    How are you going? Are you having are good week? Did you have fun going on the laptops?

    Kiara's Brother

  5. hi bro watcha up to.are you having a good week
    playing on laptops that sounds like so much fun.

    From shaneigh b Jakes big sis

  6. Hi Smarties,

    Thank you for the fantastic how to have a bath instructions. Jack, I especially liked that you stay in the bath until dinner is ready!!

    Have a great week everyone!

    Minn's Mum

  7. the smarties are the coolest!the smarties are so smart. Jake is one of the smartest smarties.
    Jake has the best imagination and he can do
    enything he puts his mind to.

    From Shaneigh b jakes big sis

  8. Jake is a really good speller he is the best!

    from shaneigh b Jakes big sis

  9. What fun your bath time is Jack. Smartiess, Jack really does whinge a lot when I ask him to get out of the bath! At least I know he is very clean. Have a fun day,
    Love Mrs S

  10. hi alex,
    congratulations on getting 10,000 hits on the blog the other day.are you looking forward to the disco (i know i am).

    (: from OLIVIA :)

  11. Shanay Jack's big sis :):)...June 24, 2010 at 8:05 PM

    Hey guys
    kate you were really good and you were to Isaac!!! keep up the good work smarties!! (especially you JACK!! you feral) :):):):):)