Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Kelsi and Allia with the pompoms they made at home.
Our pom-poms are done and they're fantastic! We're such fast learners and are so good at helping each other. Some of The Smarties loved making them so much that they made their own at home on the weekend. Allia made one almost as big as a soccer ball! Some of us were making pom-poms at lunch time and have taught our brothers and sisters how to make them at home. They're such a fun thing to do!

Kate's mum was helping in our classroom this morning. She got to pick the topic for Daily Writing out of the "Writing Ideas" box. It was another easy one! Mrs N is going to have to think of some more difficult topics for us to write about, because we're getting so clever. The topic was "I'm happy when..." We videoed each other reading out our sentences. We're pretty good at using the camera, but we have trouble staying quiet when other people are recording!

In Maths today, we did some addition practice and looked at different ways to make numbers. We made a giant poster of all the ways to make 10. Alex noticed something very important. When we say 4+6 it's the same as saying 6+4, because they both equal 10. It's the same for any other addition sum too. It doesn't matter which order we say it in, it'll always equal the same.

This afternoon, some of us played the card game Uno with Mrs L. We're making a group of class Uno experts who can then teach the other Smarties how to play. We also spent some time playing interactive games on the Smartboard at CBeebies. That was fun!

Don't forget our blogging challenge! We've had over 2000 hits and more than 150 comments since our challenge began a week ago. Mrs N won't be at school until next Monday (she's going to be learning more about using computers in our classroom), so we won't be having any regular blog posts until then (unless The Smarties can convince Mrs M to have a go!). Maybe it would be a good chance to look over some of our old blog entries from earlier in the year and comment on those.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Dear Jack and the Smarties

    What a great poster,this will help you all with adding up your Pocket money.
    From Jacks Dad.

  2. yo peoples its Jack being realy cool I love this Mrs N didn't put the questons on the blog so I rote a comment bye guys

  3. I remember learning about these numbers,
    this poster will help you out heaps :)
    Love Jacks big sister Sarah

  4. What a busy day of learning you had on Tuesday. The poster should be a big help to you.

  5. jared (Kyle's brother)June 23, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    I like all your pom poms, they had lots of colours in them. My favourite was Allia's big soccer ball one, and Kyle's.
    From Jared

  6. I enjoyed the "I am Happy" video by the girls. Keep practicing those camera skills, you are all doing a brilliant job.
    Minn's Mum

  7. Alex: Victor and I have really enjoyed your class blog. V. particularily liked the video of the kangaroo being born and crawling up into the mama roos pouch. I noticed that the girls uniforms are different than the uniforms they had on in the lunch exchange. Why is that? Our kids don't wear uniforms to school. Auntie Holly & Victor

  8. Hi Minn,
    I enjoyed listening to you read your Snake book last night. I clicked on the Make A Pet button under the video on this page and made a cat and called him Redmond, it was fun.

  9. Hi Kiara

    I would like to see "Mrs M" to post a blog. I'm sure the Smarties will be able to help her!!

    Kiara's Mum

  10. Hi Kiara

    I hope you can teaching me how to play Uno, I'm not very good at it, but I know my colours on the cards.

    Mikayala (Kiara's sister)

  11. hi smarties its me Alex I went to Isaac's birthday party on Sunday and we saw shrek for ever after. Catherine, Noah and Allia, Matthew McConville were there too and me

    from Alex

  12. hi alex
    i love the pom-poms,they look great.you have been doing really well at school.

    (:from OLIVIA:)

  13. Hi Jake
    It was great fun playing UNO now we are UNO experts thanks for showing us how to play.
    Love Jakes Mum

  14. Hi Jake
    Almost time for holidays looking forward to it, I hope your feeling better for the holidays though.