Monday, June 14, 2010

Nouns all Around!

Today, we learned about nouns. We learned that they are names of people, places and things. We had fun looking through magazines to find pictures of them. Our classroom is FULL of nouns. Everything we see has a name, so it's a noun! We watched a cool video about it!
Indi with her noun poster

We had cross-country training again today. Here we are, after our run. We're getting pretty fit now. Soon, we'll have to add a few extra laps!

Blogging Challenge!
Our class is having a blogging challenge. We want to encourage our friends and family to tell us what they think about the things we do at school by leaving us comments. Mrs Yollis has done it with her class in America and it seemed to work very well!

Competition Rules:
  1. Students earn one point for each comment, but may only earn a maximum of two per day. These comments must be from different people.
  2. Identify which student you "belong" to when leaving a comment, so that Mrs N knows who to give the point to.
  3. Only comments of 10 words of more will be counted (Mrs N also reserves the right to not count the comments that don't really say anything, so you can't type "hello" ten times over!).
  4. If more than 3 students achieve the maximum points possible (34) then a draw will be held and three names will be "pulled out of a hat."
  5. The competition started this morning, at 8am and will finish at 11pm, June 30th.
And of course, there are prizes! The three students who received the most points by the end of the competition will each receive the following:
  • JibJab dance movie with the winners' faces in it.
  • A $10 Civic Video voucher so you can hire some games or movies in the holidays.
  • Lemonade and popcorn.
  • Chocolates, including Smarties!
If you've forgotten how to leave comments, check out the video we made today. Alex explains exactly what you need to do!
Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Hi Smartis it Isaac my favret wock wos wen

    we dun aw 3000 steps I will see you tmoro

    love from Isaac

  2. hi Indi,i really enjoyed seeing your noun poster well done love cousin James

  3. Thank you Alex, you explained that really well, now I know how to post a comment.
    From Kyle's mum.

  4. I showed my mum and brother the nouns show they thought it was very very good.

    Love from Kyle.

  5. Hi Kiara

    had fun looking at your blog , it is very funny.

    Love from Kiara's dad

  6. hey kiara
    your blog is cool and funny hope i can see same more of it!

    love from kiara's sister shanae!

  7. Hello Kiara
    Your blog is very interesting, you will have to teach me how to use it quicker because I am a little slow.

    Love Pa

  8. Hi Kiara,
    Your blog about nouns is surprising. Nouns are most important to learn.

    Love Muma

  9. Hi Kyle,
    I love reading about what you & your classmates are doing with your teachers. Keep up the good work.

    Love Aunty Chook

  10. Dear Kyle,
    Keep up the great work Kyle & this is a fantastic way that we can see what you are doing at school.

    Love Gran & Poppy

  11. Wow! Your comment competition seems to be working. There are lots of comments for this post already! Happy blogging and commenting.

    Angie ( Room 4)

  12. Hello,

    Love your noun poster Indi. Thanks for adding the Challenge information - now I can link straight to the post in my email to friends and family.

    Happy Blogging!
    Minn's Mum

  13. Hi Class
    This is my first time on your blog. I think all the work you have done is wonderful - keep up the good work!

    I am looking forward to helping out in the vegetable garden soon.

    from Minn's Gran

  14. Keep the good work up Smarties

    From Ella's Mum

  15. Hi smarties it's ella i love are blog I will see you tomorrow love from ella

  16. Hi Minn

    Well done on your sports award! Your classes blog is really cool and I'll check in again soon.

    Love from Luke (Your godbrother.)

  17. Hi Minn.

    Your class is doing a fantastic job with their blog, I saw the photo of you getting the sports award- Congratulations!

    Lots of Love, Aunty Gail

  18. Dennis (Raquels dad)June 15, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    Hi Raquel, I'm really enjoying reading the blog that you and your class put together.Keep it up.
    Love from Dad

  19. Hi Kiara

    It was great to learn about how to Post a Comment. Thanks Alex for helping!

    Kiara's Mum

  20. Hi Smarties it's Jack! i love doing this blog!!!See you at school tommorrow!!! :):):p

  21. Hi Kiara

    I liked looking at the photos and your work on the blog.

    Mikayla (sister)

  22. Hi Kiara

    I hope you do well in your blogging competition. I enjoyed learning how to Post a Comment.

    Kiara's Dad

  23. Dear Kiara

    I watched your video "Grammar Rock Nouns", it was very interesting.

    Kiara's sister Shanae

  24. Hi Jake

    Its wonderful to see all the great work you have been doing keep up the good work.

    Jakes Mum

  25. Hey Jake

    Love the mob of kangaroos pic and the leopard mask, keep up the good work.

    Love Dad

  26. Hi Isaac it's great to see that you are doing lots of fun and exciting things at school. Keep up the good work.
    Mum xx

  27. Hi Kiara

    we love your Blog page, lots of things for us to read, very good information, great to see what you clever children are learning

    Talk to you soon

    Daniel and Rebecca xxxx

  28. Hi Smarties' Its Jacks Mum leaving you a message to say that I think your day was very busy. Jack showed me the noun video. Nouns are really hard so I hope the video made it easier. I can't wait to see what you do tomorrow

  29. Hi Kyle,

    Keep up the great work you are doing with your classmates. It is great to see what you & your class are doing.


    Aunty Tammy

  30. Hi Kyle,
    I like to see what you are doing over in Perth at school.



  31. Dear Smarties,

    I'm glad that you are doing the Family Challenge. We had a fun time with it! It is great to bring everyone in!

    Good luck!

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Yollis

  32. Hi Meg,
    I love all of the things that the smarties are learning.
    Love Mum =)

  33. Hey Minn.

    I heard you were really excited about me posting a message. I promised I'd check in soon! Talk to you soon!

    Luke(Minns godbrother)

  34. Hi Kiara

    Well done on 10,000 hits on your blog. Hope you enjoyed your class party and wearing your party hats.

    Kiara's Mum

  35. hey kiara

    you no I love your blog

    love shanae

  36. Hi Kiara,

    You do lots of different things at school and it is great to see your work on the class blog.

    Your Aunty Heather

  37. Kiara,

    Your blog is very interesting and fun to see what you do at school.

    Love Uncle Derek

  38. Hi Racquel, Your blog is fantastic, what a great way to see what you are doing in class,especially when we live so far away. You will make a wonderful wildlife warrior. love Jenny

  39. Hi Jake

    Its great to see you doing heaps of fun things at school keep up the good work.

    Love Nana

  40. Hi Jake

    Its good to see all the great work your doing at school see you soon.

    Love Grandad

  41. hi alex
    you have been doing a great job on the blog. it looks like you have been doing well at school.

    from olivia

  42. Hi Kiara,

    Your school seems so cool. It is great being far away but still seeing what you do.

    Cousin Tylah

  43. Kiara,

    I enjoyed going through your school blog you do lots of different things.

    Cousin Lauren

  44. Hi Alex,
    It's so exciting to be able to see what the year 2 smarties have been up too this year.
    Keep up the great work.
    Love David & Katie

  45. hi alex
    i really like the pompoms you gise made,they look really looks like you gise have been having lots of fun at school.

    from olivia

  46. Wow Minnesota - I have to say I am really very impressed with all the wonderful stuff you kids do at school these days. Didn't have all this in MY day!
    Lots of love chicken ... Aunty Justine xx

  47. dear alex

    i love the story you did called conner and the monster great job