Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mobs, Gaggles and Shivers

This morning, we checked our blog and watched our Marapana video. We loved watching  the kangaroos and guinea pigs and remembering all the fun things we did on our excursion. It's great to have a video of the things we saw, so that we can keep thinking about, and learning from it.

In grammar, we learned about collective nouns. These are special words we use to describe groups of things. We would say a mob of kangaroos, a chorus of angels, or a gaggle of geese. Some of them have very funny names! We made posters to put up in our classroom.

In Daily Writing we had a very difficult topic! Just kidding. It was easy! We got free choice writing today. Some of us wrote about the things we did on the long weekend. Some of us wrote about last week's visit to the wildlife park. Here is some of our writing.

When I grow up, I would like to be a wildlife warrior, like Steve Irwin, because when he died I wanted to take over so I can be one too and see Bindy Irwin.
By Raquel

On Tuesday, I got a fish called Nemo Num Nums. He's cool! I feed him one fish flake and I play with a puppy called Tazzy. She's a girl.
By Noah

Yesterday, I went to Aqua Jetty and there was a big water slide and I went third. Alex went first and Alex was first to go in the cold pool. I was first to get in the hot pool. I went to the showers.
By Matthew

Yesterday, I went to Aqua Jetty and it was lots of fun. I was the first one to go on the water slide and there was a circle pool. When you go the right way, you will go fast.
By Alex

Yesterday, I went to Aqua Jetty. It was fun. We went on the slide. It was long and fun. If you lean back and turn on the corner, you go faster around the corner.
By Jack

One day, a fish was swimming in the water. A big shark came along and tried to eat it, but the fish was too fast. He went in a tiny hole and the hole was so tiny that the shark couldn't see him.
By Isaac

On Saturday, I went to Nannup and we took the dogs down in the truck. We went to some of my dad's friends' houses and we made a bonfire. We had sparklers and they had a dog called Rusty.
By Kate

In Music, Mrs L showed us the movie Peter and the Wolf. We've been learning about it in class and about how each character is represented by a particular musical instrument. In Italian, we practised our colours some more. Mrs N is very surprised that we're so good at it!

Later in the term, our school has a cross-country carnival. Everyone in the school needs to run around the school grounds on a set course. We've started practising for it after recess every day, because we need to be very fit to be able to run the whole distance!

We wonder if we'll see any flocks of sheep, or crowds of people on the way home.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Hey Smarties,
    I personally went to aqua jetty as well, and it was fun I agree with you,great slide show Mrs N it was fabulous! bye!

    from Shanay! :):):)

  2. Hey smarties its Jack oh the big Jack,Jack told me about the competition I decided to write somthing bye

  3. Hey Smarties,

    Sounds like Jack had an awesome time at the aqua water park. I wish i could have been there to watch him slip down the slides and go fast around the corners like he did. Thanks for sharing jack.

    From Amanda

  4. Hi everyone, your blog is great. You do so many exciting things.
    I will post another comment tomorrow. Have a great day Noah .

    Noah's dad

  5. hi smarties see you tomorrow

    from kelsi

  6. yo peopel of my class
    aw blog is orsame dont you think so.hey let me tell you a joke noknok whos there ach ach who there you need a teshow there mat hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. There are quite a few budding artists in the groups of things pictures. What fantastic drawings.
    From Kyle's mum