Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Love our Mums

Just 3 more sleeps until we can spoil our mums on their special day! We hope they love our presents. Today, we made a Voice Thread about why we love our mums.

Our holiday digi-art pictures are finally all finished! We did a great job of fitting the photo into a background. It was tricky to plan it so that things were in proportion.
Raquel posing for her photo
Raquel after cutting herself out and adding a background

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Mrs N made us some "reading phones" out of plumbing pipe. When we speak into one end, it makes our voice sound very loud at the other end. We can use them to listen to ourselves reading. They're a great help when we're proofreading our writing. We can read it aloud to ourselves, but very quietly, so we don't disturb those around us.
Isaac and Ella using our new "reading phones"
We used the laptops all day today. We typed our holiday sentences using Microsoft Word, we played Tutpup, we read the blogs of our blogging buddies and we had a chance to play some of games we like, like Jigzone and Wild Yourself. We're getting really good at logging into the school network and typing in URLs.

We are learning, through experience, that when we type in URLs we need to remember a few things:
  • there are no spaces
  • we use lower case letters unless the address we're copying has a capital in it
  • we need to be careful that we're using a colon (:) instead of a semi-colon (;) when we type http://
  • just one letter, number or symbol can make all the difference, so our typing needs to be accurate
  • if we have visited the site before, the address may be saved in history, so we can click that, if it appears in the drop-down menu, to save some time
We hope our mums have a fantastic day on Sunday!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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