Monday, May 31, 2010

Maths Fun

We were lucky to have Alex's mum helping us in class this morning. In Maths, we learned all about wholes, halves and quarters. We learned how to write them as numbers, or fractions. We cut squares and circles into halves and quarters and glued them into our books. We use halves and quarters when we help our parents cook, because sometimes, recipes ask for half a cup of something. We also need to know about halves and quarters when we want to share things equally between 2 or 4 people, or when we're telling time.
Jack's divided squares
Meg's divided circles

This afternoon, we learned about Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. These are stories about how the world and people were created. They are stories about the spirits coming out of the sky and the ground to create the land, rivers, mountains, animals and people. These stories were not written down, so they are passed on through families as stories they tell their children and grandchildren. Sometimes, Dreamtime stories also serve as a guide about the right way to behave.

We watched one called Whirlpool which is from the Northern Territory and tells the story of two groups of people. One group is chasing another in canoes. One of the main themes in the story was the importance of remaining quiet and cautious when you're in a dangerous place. There were no words at all in this story! We used the music and clues from body language and how things were drawn to work out what the story was about. It was very exciting. Our favourite part was when the snake rose up out of the water and showed its teeth!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. I smarties it's Raquel I LOVE! YR2. it's so cool because we rock! always

  2. I love the whirlpool I've watched it 10000 times