Monday, May 10, 2010


"Hello" in Hebrew

This morning, we noticed that Mrs N had a yellow package on her desk. We guessed that it was our long-awaited letters from our friends in Israel and we were right! We opened it and were very excited to see mini flags of Israel and one big flag too! There were also letters from each of them! It was great reading them and learning a little about our friends. We learned that they like to play sports, like we do. We're going to make a display in our room with the things they sent us.
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We looked up where Israel is on Google Maps. We learn about Italy in Italian class and we noticed that if we had a boat and we were in Italy, we could sail to Israel as they're both on the Mediterranean Sea (we'd have very sore arms though!).

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We were also curious about Israel's national anthem, so we watched a youtube video so that we could listen to it. We didn't understand any of the words, but we liked the tune.

Our mums loved the presents we made them for Mother's Day. We made them lavender hand cream and some vouchers for us to give them hand massages. We practised them in class last week and we were pretty good at them. Our mums agreed!

In Daily Writing, we wrote about what we did for Mother's Day.

On Sunday night, my sister Shanae and me and Mikayla did my mum's hair and gave her a hand massage.
By Kiara

My mum loved the present and she already had some. She was so happy and we had dinner.
By Caitlin

My mum liked her hand massage and it was good. My mum had some pancakes in bed and she loved it all.
By Kelsi

On Mother's Day, I gave her a hand massage and for dinner we had toast, scones and pizza and it was fun. We went for a horse ride and we had Scott's and Dad's birthday together and I love it.
By Kate

On Mother's Day, I went to the deli for breakfast and I had toast, bacon and baked beans. We gave my mum her presents when my dad was asleep.
By Alex

We were camping on Mother's Day. I gave Mum her presents then we had pancakes with honey, marshmallows, honey, jam, butter and golden syrup on top. Then, we packed up the camper trailer and went home. At home, I gave Mum a free hand massage in front of the television. We ate dinner snuggled with Mum then went to bed.
By Indi

After lunch, we went to the Year 7 classroom and while we were there, we showed them our blog and some of our wikis. They were very impressed and asked their teacher if they could make a class blog too!

In Oral Language we did a listening activity. Mrs N gave us each a picture and then read out some instructions. We needed to listen very carefully and do exactly what she said. It was things like colouring the monkey's hat green, or drawing a ball on the ground. We did really well!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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