Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry Day

The Aboriginal Flag

May 26th is Sorry Day in Australia. It's the day we especially remember the time when Aboriginal children were taken from their parents and placed in orphanages so that they could learn to live more like the people who lived in cities and towns. Australia now understands that this was the wrong thing to do, so on Sorry Day we remember and say "sorry" to the Aboriginal people.

We started the day with a whole school paraliturgy and we had a guest speaker, Mrs W, who was one of the people taken from her family when she was a little girl. She lead us in prayer and we saw a photo of her meeting the Prime Minister.

We found this video on You Tube. It's one of the songs we sang at the paraliturgy. The flower painted on the hands is the Australian Native Hibiscus, which is the official Sorry Day flower. It was chosen because it is found all over Australia and sometimes lives in very harsh conditions. Its colour also represents compassion and healing.

Today, we also did lots more practice for our assembly. Only two more sleeps to go! We're getting very good at the parts we need to read and our dance is going well too.

Practising our dance moves!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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