Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top Secret Business

If you're one of The Smarties' mums, could you please stop reading this post! It contains some clues about your Mothers' Day presents.

We were very busy this morning, putting the finishing touches to our gifts. We even had to practise part of our present! It was a lot of fun, but we can't say too much, in case some of our mums didn't stop reading! We're excited about giving them our presents. Hopefully, they'll help them have a relaxing and enjoyable Mothers' Day on Sunday.

This afternoon, our class held a Paraliturgy. We invited our parents and anyone else in our family who wanted to come. We had mums, dads, grandmothers, aunties and even big sisters in our room! Thankyou to Kiara, Isaac, Jack and Ella who all had a part to read and did a fantastic job.

Afterwards, we had some time to read books with our visitors.
Jake showing his mum what he's learning about Australia
Taj, Jack's mum and Jack

On Thursday, we're using the laptops all day! Yippee! Mrs N has a big list of things she wants us to get done, including using Microsoft Word to type up our stories from the holidays so we can print them out and attach them to our digi-art pictures. We are also going to be having a good look at the results of our Monster Exchange project. After many technical difficulties, all the pictures are finally on our wiki. We had a look at a few of them already and are very proud of how well they have turned out. On Thursday, we'll be able to leave some voice messages for our partner school in Detroit, Michigan. We're also going to do some work on our new Aussie Slang Dictionary.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Yesterday an envelope arrived in our classroom from The Smarties and Mrs N in Australia. We were very excited and we enjoyed the lovely surprises in it. Are the letters we sent you has been reached?
    In a few minutes we will post pictures in our blog
    Thank you dear friends

  2. Thank you letters
    Here are the photos