Monday, May 17, 2010

Eyes on our Fingers!?

Isaac's big brother, Nathan, was in our classroom today, doing some work experience. He helped us with our work and it was fun!

Our Thinking Hats activity had us thinking about fingers and eyes. We had a discussion about what it would be like to have an eye ON our finger! We decided that there would be some amazing new and useful things we could do, but it would have its problems too!

This afternoon, we learned about the abbreviations we use for the states and territories of Australia. Abbreviations are a shorter way of writing (or saying) a word. We use these abbreviations in certain situations, such as when we're addressing an envelope, or when we're filling out a small map and there isn't room to write the complete names.

WA  - Western Australia
SA - South Australia
NT - Northern Territory
NSW - New South Wales
ACT - Australian Capital Territory
Qld - Queensland
Vic. - Victoria
Tas. - Tasmania

We discovered that the states and territories that have one word names are abbreviated by using some of the letters (usually the first few) of the word. The names with two or more words are abbreviated by using the first letter of each of the words. These ones are written in all capitals.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Hi Smarties!
    What a wonderful Thinking Hat topic! I never considered this question before. "What If's" are great for using your imagination. Now I'm wondering what some these advantages and disadvantages would look like if you illustrated them...
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mrs. Moore