Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This afternoon, we learned about symmetry. We learned that symmetrical objects are objects that, when you draw a line down the middle of them (either across, down or at an angle), both sides of the line will be identical. It also means that if you could fold the object along this line, each side would fit perfectly onto the other.

Making symmetrical patterns on our desks
We combined Maths and Art and created some symmetrical patterns on grid paper. We needed to think carefully about how we coloured in each box and make sure we found the right box on the other side to make it symmetrical. Some of us found it very tricky, but we all managed to work it out in the end.

Here are some pictures of us busy creating our symmetrical masterpieces.

Our random Daily Writing topic today was writing instructions for making toast. What an appropriate thing to be writing about first thing in the morning!

1. I get the bread from the cupboard.
2. I plug the power cord in.
3. I put the toast in the toaster.
4. I grab the toast out of the toaster and spread the butter, then spread the jam.
By Raquel

1. Get the bread out of the freezer.
2. Get the toaster out and plug in the power cord.
3. Put the bread in the toaster.
4. Get the bread out of the toaster.
5. Get the honey and the butter out then spread on the toast.
6. Eat it.
By Ella

1. Get bread out of the pantry.
2. Put it in the toaster.
3. Check it.
4. Take it out.
5. Put the butter on.
6. Put the creamed honey on.
By Matthew

1. Get the bread out of the cupboard.
2. Put the bread in the toaster.
3. Put the button on the bread.
4. Put the jam on the toast.
By Allia

1. Get out the bread and the toaster.
2. Sneak into Mum's room with the saucepans and clash them loudly and yell "Wake up" ten times.
3. Ask your mum to get up and make your toast and this is how she does it.
4. Put the bread in the toaster and pull down the lever.
5. Wait for the lever to pop up.
6. Get the toast. It will be hot. Do not use a knife or fork to get it.
7. Butter it and put on your favourite spread.
By Indi

1. Get the bread.
2. Get the toaster.
3. Put the power cord in the power point.
4. Put the bread in the toaster.
5. When the toaster pops, take the toast out.
By Catherine

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. hahah very funny indi,i believe that is the correct method of making toast and have used it many times over to get breakfast.keep up the good work indi

    love cousin James