Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Wacky Day!

Coloured hair, curly hair, hair in pigtails with ribbons, hair spiked with gel, wigs, clips, glitter and hair spray. It was Wacky Hair Day at school today. We were raising money for the Cancer Foundation. It was great fun. Even Mrs M had butterfly clips and fairy dust in her hair!

The Year 7's did their Assembly today. It was about fairytales but they got it all wrong... they mixed up The Three Little Pigs with Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks gets eaten by Baby Bear. It was really funny. We liked their poems very much. Here is Kyle's recount of it.

The Year 7 Assembly was about the Three Little  Pigs and Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood shot the wolf. The Little Pig in the brick house had called her. The Little Pig thought Red Riding Hood had saved him but then she shot him too and used his skin for a suitcase.
Yr 7 had mixed up the fairytale. Mrs M called it a fractured tale. Yr 7 also mixed up the Three Bears because Goldilocks stole some porridge, broke an antique chair and when she went upstairs she chose the most comfortable bed to sleep in but she kept her shoes on, that had mud all over them.
At the end, Goldilocks got in trouble with the Bears and Baby Bear ate her!
I like the Yr 7 Assembly because it was funny and they had put a lot of effort into it.

By Kyle

At Assembly we asked the rest of the school to help us collect 150 old mobile phones for our Mobile Phone Muster. We showed them an animation we had made in class that helped explain about the muster. Each class has a bucket for collecting the phones.

Mrs Mc came in for Parent Help. She was very helpful, especially at filling in our Have-A-Go Pads. Thank you Mrs Mc.

Can you hear that sound?...Two more marbles in our class reward jar because we won the Good Manners Award! Mrs M and Mrs N are very proud of us. When we fill the jar with marbles the whole class celebrates with a special activity. We can't wait.

Talking about a special activity, Mrs M taught us how to play the Bean Bag Boogie (passing a bean bag to a partner in time to the music). It was great fun. We had to concentrate very hard so that we wouldn't mix up our left and right hands. It was especially good fun when the music got faster and we had to try and keep up.

In Religion we learnt about Saint Thomas More. He wrote a book about believing in God. He was a very good writer.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs M

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