Monday, March 8, 2010

Language of Position

Today, we did a lot of work learning about the language of position. This means words like "above," "on," and "next to." We made a Photo Story of what we learned. We took all of the photos on our own!

Mr F, who is one of Mrs N's teacher friends from America, sent her some Gummy Worms for us to try. These are a little bit like the snake lollies we have here in Australia. We had a vote and 6 out of 22 of us liked Snakes, but the rest of us wish we could buy Gummy Worms here because they like them better! Here is a Wordle, showing some of the words we thought of to describe them.

Our daily writing topic was free choice writing today. Here are some of our stories.

On Saturday, I went to cricket with Ella and Mitchell. It was very fun! I also climbed a tree.
By Catherine

Today, I played Star Wars and I finished off all the levels. I got Darth Vader.
By Isaac

My Aunty Amanda and Sara and Mum are going to the ACDC concert. Me and Kali are going to Nana and Pa's.
By Matthew

Once there was a magical flower. It was beautiful and it got bigger and bigger until it was ginormous!
By Allia

Yesterday, I went to a Tupperware party. I got a prize that had a flip lid and I got 3 prizes. We had a really nice drink and they also had mango slushies and my baby cousin had a mango drink and the little kids had a mango drink.
By Charlee

On Friday,  I went to a wedding and it was disgusting when they kissed. After the wedding, I went to the Ziegelaar's and we played the Yes and No Game and we played Buzz. We stayed up very, very late and we got picked up very, very late.
By Kate
Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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