Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Writing

Here is some of today's Daily Writing. The topic was "Pancakes."

First you get the self raising flour , put the egg in the self raising flour then you put the milk in. Mix it around  with electric beaters and if it gets thick put some more milk in. Get an electric  pan out then put the pancakes in it. Wait 1 minute then flip them over for another 1 minute. Once they are cooked you can put whatever you want on it. For example I would  put golden sryup on it. 
By Kyle 

I like cooking pancakes because we all like them. We wrote it in the family cook book. That is a book with all our favourite recipes in it. I wish I could cook pancakes for Mum, Dad and Mia to eat in bed but I'm not old enough to use the mix master or the pan. Granny makes really yummy pancakes. She never lets us not have them. She makes them once a week. 
By Indi

There was a boy who wanted  to make cookies and pancakes but he could not make them. So he had his mum and dad make them.
By Noah

Love from The Smarties and Mrs M

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