Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clean Up Australia!

We love our school. We love it so much that we spent the afternoon cleaning it up! This Sunday is "Clean Up Australia Day." As we're not at school on the weekend, we did our part today, cleaning up our school grounds, with the help of Mrs G and the Year 6s. We were surprised at how much rubbish we found, because our school doesn't look messy! A lot of it was hidden under bushes and behind things. Most of it was paper and plastic, but there was also some glass from broken bottles, which we got Mrs N to pick up for us. While a lot of what we picked up wasn't put there by us, we all still need to make more of an effort to make sure all our paper and plastic from our lunches goes straight in the bin and doesn't blow out again!

Earlier in the day, we had a good look at all the information that our Kentucky friends shared with us about lunches. We made a Venn diagram to show what we learned about the similarities and differences between the foods we eat, and where we eat them. We really did learn a lot! We also made our new friends "thankyou" cards and we're going to be sending them a book called Possum Magic, which is a story all about Australian foods and our capital cities (but sshh, don't tell them!). Our package will also contain a jar of Vegemite. We wonder if they're going to like it. We can't wait to hear what they think!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. I really like the way you presented your findings in a venn diagram, Smarties! Great investigating! :)

  2. Congratulations this blog is very interesting and informative.Well done.
    From Isaac's grandparents in Singapore