Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Visit from the Eagles

The Smarties with Brad from the West Coast Eagles
Our school was very lucky today. We had some special visitors. Brad, from the West Coast Eagles Football Club came to talk to us about lots of very important things. We learned a LOT.

He spoke to us about the benefits of playing sport. When we play sport, we get the "Three Fs". They are:


He also told us about the "Five Rs". These are things that we should try to do so that we can grow up to be the best we can be. They are:
RESPECT OURSELVES - We need to respect our bodies by taking care of them.
RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE - We need to respect the ideas and opinions of the people around us. as well as being good sports.
RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT - We need to look after our school, our town, our country and the Earth.
REACH OUR POTENTIAL - We should always do our best and make the most of the special talents we have.
REACH OUT TO THE COMMUNITY - Doing good things for other people in our community is very important.

Brad had a friend with him! He was a very big surprise. His name was Rick "The Rock" Eagle. He was funny and silly. He made us laugh a lot. Brad checked Rick's lunchbox and saw that he had some very healthy foods inside it, but there were some things that are not so good for him. We talked about the importance of eating healthy, natural foods and drinking lots of water because they are the best things for our bodies. 
Our activity in class this afternoon was to think about the things that are in a healthy lunchbox. We decided there should be some fruit, vegetables, grainy bread, some cheese or yogurt, lean meat and a water bottle. We made some pictures to show what we'd like in our healthy lunchbox.

For those of you who aren't Australian, you might be wondering who the "West Coast Eagles" are. They are an Australian Rules Football team from Western Australia. Many of The Smarties barrack for them!  If you're not Australian, then you might not know about Australian Rules Football (also called AFL). It's one of the most popular sports here and many children play it (but with modified rules because the grown-up version can be very rough!). It's nothing like soccer and not much like American Football. Here's a YouTube video we found to give you an idea!
Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Dear Miss miss m.and the smarties,

    me and my students are pleased for your reply and we will be happy if you send us your post adress of your school in order to send you postcards that introduce ourselves.
    Hanita hen and the third grade students

  2. Dear The Smarties,

    We really enjoyed watching your slides about healthy lunchbox and a video about Australian Rules Football. Thanks for sharing. Your football is absolutely astonishing!!! :-)

    Lyudmila and class