Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mobile Muster

When we got to school this morning, we found this message on our blog!

This is the video the koala (who we think sounds suspiciously like Mrs N!) wanted us to watch so we could learn how phones are recycled:

In Daily Writing, we wrote about why we should recycle phones. Here are some of our ideas.

We should not throw old phones in the bin because the chemicals leak into the soil. We should put phones in phone recycling bins.
By Joel

Putting your mobiles in the bin is wrong, because they can leak. The mobiles can make gold and silver. 90% of mobile phones can be recycled. The mobiles can make railway sleepers.
By Kiara

You can make gold. You can make railway sleepers. You can recycle phones. Don't throw mobile phones in the bin.
By Matthew

Do not put your mobile phone in the bin. Mobile phones can be made into gold and silver.
By Catherine

Recycle mobile phones because they make jewelery and silver and fence posts. If you don't recycle phones, the chemicals leak into the soil.
By Noah

We made posters to put up all around the school, asking everyone to bring in any unused mobile phones they have at home. The reasons we want to recycle them are:
  • 90% of each mobile phone can be recycled into something new.
  • If we recycle, we reduce the space that rubbish takes up at the tip.
  • If we can re-use the metals in old phones, then we don't have to mine as much from the Earth.
  • We don't want the chemicals in mobile phones to leak into the environment.
Tomorrow, at school assembly, we're going to be telling the school all about our recycling project. Our goal is to collect 150 phones. We think we can do it!

Also today, we made a Voice Thread about our Kentucky Lunch Exchange. We wrote out something we learned, something we liked and something we found interesting and then read them out.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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