Thursday, May 10, 2012

A World Without Adults

We started learning about the Six Thinking Hats today. The Hats help us to think about things in different ways and can help us make balanced decisions. We learned that the Black Hat is about identifying the negative aspects of an idea and the Yellow Hat is about thinking about the benefits or strengths. Mrs G gave us the topic "A World Without Adults" and we got into groups of three and used the black and yellow hats to think about it from different angles. Even though it sounded like a great idea to start with, once we used the black hat, we realised there would be some problems without adults around!

Yellow Hat Ideas
  • We wouldn't have to go to bed early.
  • We would not have to get a haircut.
  • We would never get told off.
  • We wouldn't have to clean our room.
  • We wouldn't have to get jobs.
  • We would never get in trouble.
  • Everything would be free.

Black Hat Ideas
  • There would be nobody to wash our clothes.
  • There would be no parents to give us kisses and cuddles.
  • We would have to cook for ourselves.
  • We would need to ride bikes everywhere.
  • Little kids might think taking drugs was ok because no adults would tell them not to.
  • We might get lost.
  • If we got hurt, no-one would help us.
  • We wouldn't have houses and furniture

We've been using QR codes in Maths. Our task was to write a number story and then use Qurify to create a QR code for the answer. In Maths tomorrow, we're going to try to solve all the problems and then check our answers by scanning the code! Here are some of the problems we came up with.

Mr Smith had 17 pencils. 12 kids needed to use them. When they had finished, 
only 4 gave them back. 
How many pencils does Mr Smith have now? (Jared)

James had 19 jellybeans. He gave 7 to Jack. Jack gave 2 back to James.
How many jellybeans does James have? (Angela)

I had $23. I gave Mark $7, then Brock gave me $5. I gave Jared $3. 
How many dollars do I have now? ( Adam)

I have 30 cats and 40 dogs. I bought 10 more cats and Alexia bought 1 cat from me. 
How many animals do I have now? (Kya)

Handyman Jared had 18 motorbikes in his shed and they were for sale. 
Jared sold 6 to his mate, Joel, then Mark bought 3 too. 
How many motorbikes does Handyman Jared have now? (Joel)

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G.

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