Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Footy

The boys in our class LOVE to play footy! Many of them are in teams that play on weekends. This morning, Mrs G went to watch one of the teams play and was very impressed with their skills! She saw lots of marking, kicking, handballing and running, as well as some great sportsmanship. Great job Ryan, Kaiden, Joel, Jye and Adam!

We have an assembly coming up later this term. Our theme is going to be "Reading" and we'll be singing two songs about books. We have started creating some art to be displayed behind us while we're singing and dancing. We painted self portraits, then chose one of our favourite books. Mrs G photocopied the covers and we glued them to our portraits with cut-outs of our hands to make it look like we were holding the books. We think they look really cool! We really do love reading in our class, especially during Daily 5 time, when we get to make choices about what we read and where we read it.


 Love from Mrs G


  1. Hi everyone,
    Our pictures we are using for assembly look awesome. The assembly is going to be cool!
    From classmate, Angelina!
    ( Our assembly is going to be the best!) :) ;) :0 !

  2. Hi everyone I like the portritas they look nice in our classroom and I like the Gotta Keep Reading song.
    From Classmate,Angela.