Tuesday, May 15, 2012


For Monday Munchies today (we didn't get time yesterday!), we tried avocado. Many of us were very nervous about trying it because we were sure we wouldn't like it. However, once we'd had a taste, we decided it was actually quite delicious! Mrs G even overheard a couple of students talking about asking their mums to put it in their sandwiches tomorrow.

When we opened the avocado, we discovered a huge seed inside. It is brown and smooth and quite heavy. We looked online and found some instructions for growing an avocado tree from seed, so we decided to try it. We plan to eventually add it to our vegetable garden.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. I would just like to say that your spaghetti game looked realy fun and I would love to try it my self. I also love avocado and had some for my dinner.
    It is realy nice whith lemon.
    Iwould love to visit Australia, I have never been there
    From Rupert at Tetherdown school in London.

  2. Smarties, I love avocado. It is delicious on a crisp bread with lots of fresh cracked black pepper. When you grow your avocados you will need to graft them with another avocado to promote growth of fruit and to enable your plant to be a little more disease tolerant.

  3. @ Smarties,

    I don't like avocado that much but I do enjoy it in sandwiches! I have avocado alot. How many plants are you going to grow?