Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Very Cranky Bear

This morning, all of our Pre-Primary to Year 4 students gathered in the library to participate in National Simultaneous Story Time. We listened to the story through the interactive iPad app, projected onto the Smartboard. It was a really funny story about a very cranky bear and how some other animals made him less cranky.

We did some more work on fractions today. This time we used chocolate! We were each given a little box of Smarties, which we had to count. This number would be the denominator.We sorted our Smarties into colours, then recorded each fraction on our sheet. We needed to write it in numbers and in words. For example, if we had 4 pink Smarties in a box that had a total of 12 in it, we would write it as 4/12, which is four twelfths. It was a very delicious Maths task!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. Well done Joel, you've done some fantastic work!! You must have a very clever class Mrs G.

    From Joel's Mum xo

  2. Hi guys good work!
    From Angela.

  3. Hi Smarties
    Nice work on the Smarties did you get to eat any of the smarties at the end?