Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Learning Journey

Tonight, we had learning journeys at our school. The school was open late and parents were invited to visit the classroom so we could show them some of the things we've been doing in class.

We used our new iPads and a Google docs form to guide our parents around the classroom. Mrs G is SO PROUD of us. We did such an amazing job of explaining our learning to our parents. She is so HAPPY that we were all so excited to be sharing our learning with our families and how confidently we explained all the things we've been doing!

We have been learning about QR codes and got to use some tonight. Last week, we researched the countries we sent postcards to, then used the Audioboo app to record the information. Mrs G then created QR codes for our recordings and we put them on our Postcard Project display board. We used an app called Scan to read the QR codes so our parents could listen to our recordings. It was really quick and easy!

As part of our learning journey, we asked our parents to add a sticky note to our Wallwisher, telling us something they're proud of us for. Use the scroll bars on the side and bottom to see all the stickies.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G

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  1. I loved the Learning Journey!Because I liked showing Mum the Ipads and showing my work!From Angela!