Friday, July 29, 2011

Plurals and Science

In spelling today, we learned about plurals. A plural is a word used to describe more than one of something. For example, the plural of dog is dogs and the plural of box is boxes.

Sometimes we need to just add an "s" to a noun to make it plural, but sometimes we need to add "es". It can be tricky to know which to do, but we found an easy way that works with most words!

After sorting lots of words and looking carefully at how they're spelled, we discovered that words that end with s, x, ch and sh all need es added to make them plural. Most other words just need an s added. We should be able to remember that and it'll make spelling plurals easy. There are some exceptions to the rule, such as calf becoming calves, but we'll learn about those another day!

We've been working on some interesting art this week. After writing recounts of our holidays, Mrs N took photos of us posing like we were doing something we wrote about in our recounts. We then cut ourselves out of the photos and drew a background for them. It was fun to do and we think they look really interesting.

Brydie playing Wii Bowling
Stephany on a giant jumping pillow
Julie getting her cast off at the doctor's
Jacinta with the crayfish she caught
This term, we're learning all about water. In Science today, Miss J helped us do an experiment to test which substances dissolve in water. Dissolving means that it becomes completely mixed in with the water. She gave us some cups with cold and warm water in them and things like sugar, coffee, tea leaves, glitter, sand and salt. We mixed them with both types of water and observed what happened. We noticed that some things dissolved and some didn't.Sugar, salt and coffee all dissolved easily, especially in the warm water. The tea leaves dissolved a bit and turned the water brown, but there were still bits floating around. Glitter and sand didn't dissolve at all!

Tea leaves in warm and cold water
Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Hi Year 2 Smarties

    We really love your blog. It looks like you do lots of interesting things. Our teacher really liked your pictures of the holidays and is going to try and do the same kind of art work. We hope ours look as good as yours do.

    From Year 1/2 Superstars

  2. I love checking your blog to see what you are doing. The art work pictures you have posted are so neat! I might try that in my second grade classroom this year.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Youngblut
    Lights! Camera! Action!

  3. Hi Year 2's,

    Looks like you have been learning lots this term already. I love your artwork with your photos, they look great!
    Hope you all had great school holidays and are behaving for Mrs N and Miss J.

    From Miss H :)