Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching Up

Mrs N has been having trouble logging into Blogger, so we haven't had a post for a while. She's finally managed to log on, so here's what we've been up to in the last week!

In Maths, we've been learning about the language of position. This refers to words used to describe where things are. On, under, beside, left, right and over are all examples of this. We played barrier games with a partner to help us practise. We each had the same picture in front of us, but we hid it from our partner. We needed to add things to the picture, then describe where we added them to our partner. They drew them in the same place, according to our directions. At the end, we compared the pictures to see how well we described the positions and how well we listened to the directions.

We've also been playing some new Maths games, including MAB Bingo. This helps us practise our place value skills and is lots of fun too!

We received some new art supplies last week. They're watercolour pencils. They look like ordinary coloured pencils, but they're special. We traced around some leaf shapes, then coloured them in with our new pencils. Afterwards, we carefully painted over them with a paintbrush dipped in water and, like magic, the colour turned into water colour paints! They look really effective and colourful. Mrs N especially likes the way we used two colours on some of our leaves, because they blended together when we painted them and look extra nice.

Danica brought her new baby sister in for news this week. Her name is Eirinn and she's just a few weeks old. Danica likes to help her mum look after her, except when she needs to put the used nappies in the bin!
Danica with beautiful baby Eirinn
In Literacy, we've been revising how to make plurals, writing persuasive texts trying to convince Mrs N whether she should get a cat or a dog, learning all about compound words and reading, reading, reading! We especially love using the whisper phones Mrs N made from pvc tubing and some plumbing supplies. When we whisper into them, we can hear ourselves loudly, so we don't disturb the other children reading next to us.

We've had quite a few Smarties away sick this week and we miss them! Hopefully, they'll be feeling better soon and will be back at school having lots of fun and learning lots!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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