Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Smartie!

We have a brand new Smartie! His name is Cole and he started at our school this week. He already knew Taj from playing football, but he's making lots of friends with the other children in our class and is enjoying being at our school.

This week in spelling groups, we're revising the sounds we've been learning over the last four weeks. Today, we played games to give us some extra practice in a fun way! We were learning about short and long vowel sounds, words that have ch, sh or wh at the beginning, words with oar, ore, or and wor, and words ending with cher, ture, ure and cher. Here are some pictures of us practising our spelling.

Our school choir entered a competition today. Tatiana, Jenaya, Anastacia, Makayla, Paige and Cathy all hopped on a bus after recess and travelled to the competition. They're getting back after school finishes, so we're not sure how they went, but we bet they were great! Some of them were a bit nervous before they left, but maybe they were just really, really excited.

The Smarties members of the school choir
We did a fun little art activity today. We made elephants pictures. Mrs N gave us a line drawing of an elephant on a piece of paper. We needed to look through magazines and find pictures that we liked in nice bright colours. We glued them onto the back of the elephant, making sure we covered it all. To check whether we'd left any white spaces, we held our pictures up to the window and the sunlight made it really easy to see through. Once we'd covered the elephant, we cut it out, then added the ear, tusk and tail using the typed part of the magazines. We think they look really great hanging in a long row in our classroom, almost like they're walking in a line!

Creating our elephants
Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Hello Year 2 Smarties. What a great looking Blog you have! You have been doing lots of interesting things. We hope your new Smartie (Cole) is having a fun time making lots of new friends. Can you ask your clever teacher how she made that lovely slideshow of your elephants? I would love to know how to do that! We are a class of Year 1 children at Craigburn Primary School in Adelaide, South Australia and we have been blogging for a few months. We would like to keep chatting with you and watching what fun things you do in your class. Have fun in your class.
    From Mrs. Kolenberg and Room 4.