Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A New Term

We're back from holidays and the new term is looking busy already!

Danica and Jenaya had particularly exciting holidays because their mums both had a baby! Jenaya's new little brother is named Craig and Danica's little sister is Eirinn. We've had a peek at them both and they're gorgeous!

Jenaya and Craig
While new babies are pretty exciting, the other Smarties had good holidays too! Some of us went swimming, ten-pin bowling, to watch a soccer match, or performed in dancing concerts. Julie and Anastacia finally had their plaster casts removed too! We've written recounts about our holidays and you can read some of them on our class writing blog.

We're very lucky to have Miss J, a student teacher, in our room this term. We're really looking forward to all the exciting lessons she has planned for us. She's already been teaching us about some new shapes, like rhombuses and hexagons. Today, we drew animals using a shape as part of the body.

 Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Dear Smarties,
    I love the way you made things out of the new shapes you have learnt. It's nice to see Jenaya's new baby brother and Danica's new baby sister.
    I can't wait to help in class on Wednesday.


    Elises Mum