Thursday, July 7, 2011

100th Day

Today was the 100th day of being in Year 2! We celebrated with some activities about the number 100.

Mrs N modified a shopping catalogue so that all the foods were whole dollars, with no cents. We needed to write a shopping list that totaled exactly $100 and we could choose anything we wanted. It was pretty fun to imagine doing some shopping! We used a calculator and tally marks to check our totals.

Another activity involved counting 100 objects and then weighing them, so we could compare how much one hundred of each thing weighs. We counted and measured popsticks, matchsticks, cotton balls, cotton tips, grains of rice, straws, plastic tiles, feathers, counters, plastic teddies and lots of other things. We discovered that 100 grains of rice were the lightest and 100 plastic teddies were the heaviest.

Finally, we began writing 100 words. Our classroom is full of useful words, so it was easy to find enough, but we ran out of time! Maybe we'll get to finish it tomorrow.

Our 100th day of Year 2 was great fun!



 Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Congratulations on 100 days of being year twos! You are lucky Mrs N had such great ideas to celebrate. Was it hard to count out 100 grains of rice?

  2. Hi Year 2 Smarties!
    We are a Year 2 class from Perth, WA and we found your awesome blog. We really liked how you celebrated 100 days of being in Year 2, we might do the same :) What a great idea! Have fun blogging!
    From the Year 2 Echidna class.