Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This week is NAIDOC Week, which is a time when we celebrate the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We spent the morning doing all sorts of fun things! Our guest speaker brought in some bush tucker, which is food that traditional Aborigines gather from plants to eat. We tasted Muntharis, Dumbari and Bunya Bunya.

Some of us painted our faces, not with paint, but with ochre mixed with water! We tapped rocks together to get dust from them and then stirred in enough water to make a paste. We used our fingers to make dots and lines on our faces.

We also got a chance to play a didgeridoo. These are musical instruments made from the hollow trunks of trees. Traditionally, only men and boys can use them, so the boys were allowed to use the real didgeridoos. The girls weren't left out though! They played didgeridoos made from bamboo instead. We had to keep our lips loose and blow raspberries into the end of the tube to try to make a noise. This video shows what it's supposed to sounds like. It was hard, but lots of fun!

 Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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